What is the TCBA?  
The Traveling Classic Bowling Associations of America, Inc is a non-profit fraternal bowling organization formed for the primary purpose of practicing the sport of bowling in the form of highly organized, prestigious and competitive men's and women's traveling league.  
TCBA is a sanctioned league governed by the rules of its members based on guidelines set fourth by the United States Bowling Congress.  
How is it organized?  
Daily operations, expansion and promotion of TCBA are primarily the responsibility of the President of TCBA. Rules, local league sessions and annual tournaments are conducted by the remainder of TCBA's Board of Directors, consisting of a Vice President, a Men's and Women's Executive Secretary, an Executive Treasurer and District Representatives (Region Secretaries) located throughout the entire TCBA operating territory. That territory includes Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.  
TCBA consists of 13 men's regions or leagues totaling 225 teams,9 women's regions totaling 135 teams.  
Each team must have at least five (5) regular members and up to three (3) alternate members. A men's district consists of six (6) to ten (10) teams, a women's district is four (4) to eight (8) teams. A TCBA region can consist of one (1) or more districts.  
The region bowls a 36 week schedule. Most regions bowl six (6) games every other Sunday. Some bowl six (6) games on Saturday and six (6) more on Sunday. The schedule is left up to the region. They must start by the second (2nd) weekend in August and finish by the first (1st) weekend in April.  
What's in it for the bowler?  
Highly competitive team play is TCBA's trademark, where every team is sponsored, every team is enthusiastic about the sport of bowling and every team has a chance to be District Champions making them a contender for the season's end National Playoff Tournament to vie for the honor of being the National Champions of the World's Largest League. A second chance Wildcard Tournament is conducted before the National Playoff Tournament giving those teams not winning their district but having over 72 1/2 wins a chance to make it into the Playoffs.  
TCBA provides special awards and cash to recognize it's member's accomplishments. TCBA is the only league to publish an annual yearbook and monthly newsletter recognizing those accomplishments. In keeping up with the times, TCBA provides this web site to keep it's members informed and to promote the growth of TCBA.  
What's in it for the proprietor?  

As a TCBA sponsor, a bowling center is the recipient of many benefits:



1. Additional league lineage during weekend slack time.



2. A means of creating tremendous good will among its high interest "avid" bowlers.



3. Advertising and name recognition by having the center's name on members shirts. Optional advertising is also available in the TCBA News, the office newsletter of TCBA.



4. An opportunity to host yearly tournaments with guaranteed lineage. At the year end playoff weekend over 8000 games are bowled by TCBA members.



5. A chance to prove that you support the sport of bowling by providing a means for your bowlers to compete in the world's larget and most competitive league.