Presenting the TCBA 2000 National Champions:


Carolyn Park Shell of New Orleans

(Left  to Right, standing) Lloyd Harris, James Bradshaw, Amos Barnes, Chaz Adams,Kevin Pierce(Kneeling) Lawrence Adams and Jose Martinez


Stadium Bowl of Houston Ind

(Pictured left to right, standing) Wanda Chovanek, A.J. Hein, CynthiaBlankenship, Kim Burnham, Cordy Wisenbaker(Left to right, kneeling) Mary Lou Cantu and Rosemary Smith(Not pictured) Cyndi Burgess


Other Playoff News

The 2002 Playoffs will be held in Alexandria, Virginia

The 2001 Allstar Tournament will be hosted by Astro Bowl in San Antonio

Dee Cramer,  Bill and Donna Allen inducted into TCBA Hall of Fame

Leila Moore awarded the Ella O’Quinn Secretary of the Year

Connie Smoot of Columbia 300 Awarded Sponsor of the Year

Larry Thompson takes Bowler of the Year and High Average Awards

Linda Urbanek wins Bowler of the Year with record points

Linda Urbanek also takes High Average Award

Laverne Douglas wins Most Valuable Bowler

Kip Nichol wins Most Valuable Bowler

Ida Hannibal given the Osby Harris Sportsmanship Award


See pictures of Men’s Finalists

See pictures of Women’s Finalists