Presenting the TCBA 2002 National Champions:


Oilbowl Lanes

Pictured left to right (standing) Michael Craig, Randy Alford, Bob Chapman (kneeling) John Oberg, Jr., and John Oberg, III


DCCV-Ron Williams Pro Shop

Pictured left to right (standing) Debbie Murr, Mickie Archer, Nikki Greer, Leisha Murr (kneeling) Jacki Hentz, Tina Stickney and Alecia Ramos (not pictured) Wendi Black


     At an Awards Banquet held on May 17 at Sea World, some of TCBA’s best were honored for their achievements. Keith Estes (East Texas) and Lisa Varney (Central Arkansas) won this year’s Most Valuable Bowler awards. Ted Pritts (Dallas) and Linda Urbanek (San Antonio) were the Bowler of the Year award winners again. Ted Pritts and Linda Urbanek also posted High Average, with 237 and 221 respectively. Van Maryland (East Texas) won the Ella O’Quinn Secretary of the Year award. C & W Pro Shop (Killeen, Tx) was acknowledged for his outstanding sponsorship and was presented the Sponsor of the Year award. Maziar Vassighi and Jerome Moon of Houston were honored as this year’s inductees into the TCBA Hall of Fame.

     Next year’s tournament will be held in Webster, Texas

     The 2004 Playoff Tournament will be held in San Antonio, Texas.

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